Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Trains from Marple to go to Victoria

I did some digging about whether there were dark plans afoot to close Rose Hill station. There don't appear to be; but there are well thought out plans for some peak time Marple and Rose Hill trains to terminate at Victoria instead. More people work over that side of town, so it makes sense.

You can read about it on page 81 of this very detailed document, here.


Jabez Clegg said...

This really isnt a direct comment on your post , but as you probably moderate your comments, I am using this as an opportunity to bring to your attention this link to the consulation on the Proposed increase by Manchester City Council to impose additional parking charges and restrictions in the City centre on sundays and in the evenings.

Having read your blog , I dont think that I would be too wrong in assumoing that you might be opposed to this idea.

The link was ent to me by "The Market Restaraunt" in the Northern Quarter and it seems a good idea to circulate this to as many people as possible.

So if my assumption is right, circulate it, if not then ignore it.


I enjoy reading your blog,


Ted Stockton

Michael Taylor said...


Happy to circulate, I'll update a post about it.