Monday, January 08, 2007

The. Magic. Of. The. Cup.

Went to watch the Rovers win 4-1 at Everton yesterday. Absolutely superb performance from every player on the pitch. I was especially chuffed for Paul Gallagher (scores, left) who looks tougher for his loan spell at Stoke. Lee Grooby has filed another excellent match report on the Rovers website here.

I went with a trio of Evertonians and so was politely restrained in victory. Huge thanks to Frank McKenna for the invite and to Derek Hatton for letting us join him on the front row of the main stand.

We're away for the next round on our honeymoon (we've done everything the wrong way round). We would have rearranged if we drew Burnley again, but we didn't; QPR or Luton away.

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