Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Commuting tales

Couple of observations on the Rose Hill to Piccadilly train this morning, inspired by Boz, the blogging commuting cat. First, a hippy couple loaded their muddy bikes onto the train. They were coated in crap as well, so when the bloke brushed past me I got a veneer of mud on my overcoat. Then, at Guide Bridge, one of their bikes fell over, which they didn't hear or see. Someone pointed this out to them and they failed to apologise, or question whether anyone had been hurt. Just moved the bike.
Secondly, a woman sat next to me and began to apply her make up. She dropped bits occasionally. I didn't like the constant movement, especially when I'm trying to multitask. I was reading a book review about Richard Dawkins in Third Way (a surprisingly good magazine I was sent) and listening to something calming by Nick Drake.
The good news is the train was on time.

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