Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Petty parking practice

I arrived at Stockport station in a foul mood this morning. Appalling traffic through Offerton and Marple. Why is there no train from Marple to Stockport?
One of the car parks at Stockport train station has a ticketing system that requires you to key in the registration number of your car. I can only guess that this is to prevent people from handing over tickets with time to spare to other people. This is appalling. Surely the net effect of such a random act of kindness adds up to so much more than the few quid the car park operator will ever make from stamping this practice out. I think it's absolutely hateful.

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They have the same system at Walton Gardens, which is a kind of mini urban zoo National Trust-type thingy in Warrington. I walked half way across the park to buy a ticket and had to walk back again because I didn't know the number on my registration plate. Unamused.