Friday, January 19, 2007


For all the kind things people say about the visionary leadership of Manchester City Council, they seem to be on something of a collision course with retailers and restaurants owners over new parking proposals in the city centre. the council's argument is that people having a night out should park in a long stay car park, while street parking will now be short stay in the evenings, as it is in the day.

Gordo at Manchester Confidential has this to say:

Take many hundreds of people coming to the theatre. Currently they can find parking in and around, say, St Ann’s Square. Within site of the theatre. No more. They will have to go to, say, the Arndale car park and dodge the skateboarders all the way up Cross Street, without a policeman in sight. It’s hard enough supporting theatres in the first place these days, but this silly money grabbing idea will kill them off.
The full rant is here.

However, this is a democracy and this link here is to the consulation page on the council's site.

I think Gordo goes over the top, but that's what he's about. There is a sense behind the scheme, but like the arguments over public transport, there is a lag behind the provision of a decent alternative; thus pleasing no-one. If the car parks at Great Northern, Kendals and the Arndale were safer and better we'd be happier using them. If the trams, taxis and trains were better we'd use them too.

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Anonymous said...

Manchester is a great place to live but this strange decision is really going to knock the stuffing out of the city in the Evening.

They should be encouraging people to come in spend money and build on the vibrant and diverse city life.

Shot and foot come to mind really. Let's hope the Specials ain't quoted too much in the next couple of years -"This town comin' like a Ghost Town"...