Thursday, January 04, 2007

Business failure

Back at work and two of our lead stories on the first Insider Weekly email alert of the year are bad news stories for the North West.

Music Zone, based in Stockport, has gone into administration. I know a few of the people involved on all sides and whatever the detail or the manner of the demise is, the bottom line remains: selling cheap CDs is a tough trade. I'm gutted for Steve Oliver, the MD, who struck me as a sound bloke.

TVR in Blackpool has quite clearly been ransacked by a Russian oligarch. Appalling.


Anonymous said...

No shame - Crap company. Mr Oliver should have been closer to what was going on within the company. Badly run, appauling HR dept and those of us who bailed out saw this coming long ago (Like living in a repeat of MVC)

Anonymous said...

Mr Dodgy's name says it all, what a load of crap. Music Zone was a fantastic company to work for, honest in it's dealings, brilliant with it's staff and all of us who worked there will carry it's spirit with us. Steve Oliver was a top guy who ran the company well and it was circumstances beyond his control which finished the company off.The public will suffer as there will now only be a couple of high Street retailers so unless you have a computer you won't have access to music and dvd's.Oh and by the way, Dodgy, every one of the 1200 who lost their jobs willed Music Zone to succeed!!