Monday, January 29, 2007

Marrakech - a fine time

Normal service is henceforth resumed. We had a terrific time in Marrakech. I'm no travel writer, so can only refer readers looking for a practical travel guide to ones like this. It isn't entirely random as the reviewer stayed at the same place we did. This is a coincidence, by the way; I've never been recommended anything by Kate Thornton in my life.

For all the marvels of Marrakech, the house we stayed in, Riad Farnatchi was the absolute highlight of the trip. I heartily recommend it to anyone. The website itself is worth a visit to give you a taste.

Sunday was the Marrakech marathon (no, we didn't take part). The route cut across the main road from the city to the airport causing an enormous and impatient traffic jam. While we waited, twenty minutes, tops, some people got out of their taxis and walked the rest of the way. Eventually the stewards and police let the traffic through and so the tailenders of the race then had to do what we did in the souks of the Medina - dodge the chaos of the Morroccan traffic while going about their business. Maybe all marathons should theme themselves in such a way.

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Anonymous said...

The hotel you stopped at looks very similar to one we stopped at in the desert in Dubai (we are going back again in June)

The Bab Al Shams

Hope you enjoyed Marrakech, looks like it could be a destination to add to the list!