Thursday, January 18, 2007

Spirit of the Blitz

A 60-year old woman in Marple has been killed after a wall on Fern Close collapsed on her. Awful business this. The wind today made our building shake. Slates were blown off the roof and put out two car windows. Cranes are swaying in the wind. We had a fire alarm at midday, unfortunately our rendevouz point is outside Yates's - the entrance to the Chorlton Street wind tunnel. Some of my guys were blown off their feet and one lad lost his specs.

Now Piccadilly station is closed, the M60 is in chaos and we've sent everyone home. Outside the office it's gridlock.

Grim times. Stay safe.

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Anonymous said...

When you hear things like this, a 4 hour journey back from Liverpool just ain't a problem really. What a terrible event on such an awful day..