Monday, January 22, 2007

Hooligans and gentlemen

I went to an all boys rugby playing school and my loathing of the egg chasing fraternity knew no bounds. Us footballers were chastised as "hooligans playing a gentlemans game", while they of course were gentlemen...

Aussie legend Laurie Daley described it thus: “Rugby league is a simple game played by simple people. Rugby union is a complex game played by wankers.”

I don't forget, but I can forgive. With that in mind I took Rachel and all five boys to Sale Sharks v Ospreys on Saturday, for a proper report look here.

It was an exciting game watched by a noisier and more partisan crowd than I expected. I liked the fact I could have drunk beer all through the game, which I can't do at football. We may go back, but we still have a lot of football grounds to go to yet. And the kids are just itching to get to Ewen Fields and Moss Lane.

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