Friday, January 05, 2007

Ten thoughts on...fanzines

There are terrible fanzines out there. And some absolute belters. Sometimes they really capture a moment, sometimes you wonder why they bother. Here are my ten Friday thoughts for this week on the brighter sides of fanzines.
  • Best song with fanzines mentioned - Billy Bragg's Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards
  • Best football fanzine of its time - Fortunes Always Hiding (West Ham), circa 1989-1990
  • Best fanzine capturing a mood of a city - The End, Liverpool mid-1980s
  • Best fanzine edited by a future lads mag editor - Attack on Bzag, James Brown, circa 1983
  • Best fanzine in Lancaster - Positive Feedback, circa 1983
  • Best general North West football fanzine - Hit The Bar, circa 1988
  • Best Blackburn Rovers fanzine - Many Miles From Home, circa 1991
  • Best day out selling a fanzine - selling MMFH, Grimsby, January 1991
  • Best national football fanzine - Off The Ball, mid - 1980s
  • Nastiest humour in a fanzine - Scouser and Man City baiting in Red Issue, circa 2002

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