Friday, February 22, 2008

Ten thoughts ... popular themes

Ten Friday thoughts this month is brought to you from the car park of the Reebok stadium. I've been at the North West Conservatives conference. I'm frazzled so it's a random one, based on some common categories on this blog.

Marple - You can't get a good cup of coffee in Marple. Why is that?

Family/Football - Marple Athletic Under 9s play Bramhall North away tomorrow. It's being covered by Channel M. They are one of only two sides to beat us this season. Should be fun.

Blogging - Dougal Paver has been got at. He's stopping his excellent blog. Such a shame.

Politics - George Osborne was very impressive today. David Cameron was too. The NW Tories however are a dreary bunch. Their questions were about crime and tax. No one asked about windmills.

Technology and Namedropping - Met David Cameron today. Got a photo to prove it. And I showed George Osborne how make recordings on a mobile phone.

Cars - I counted ten Audi cars in Marple on my way to work one day this week. It's definitely the car of Marple man. That and the VW Passat.

Family - love them all so much. Poor Matt has been ill, Rachel's been up and down the country, Elliot's been photographed for our next cover, Max and Louis's school has been rated "outstanding" and Joe's got some new glasses that make him look very distinguished.

Friends - I'm a shite friend, I've not spoken to some of my best pals for ages and have just caught up with Steven Lindsay - one of the nicest guys you could meet.

Telly - Ashes to Ashes had that annoying obvious soundtrack last night, and it needs to get creepy and dark or it's going to be drama by numbers.

Jokes - This was everywhere today - As Gazza has been sectioned he'll be sent to an institution for retards with no chance of recovery. Kevin Keegan said "We're delighted to have him back"

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