Friday, February 29, 2008


I'm always surprised by how many people I meet who send their kids to private schools. It was never an option for me, though I went to a Grammar school, and it's never really occurred to us that we will educate our boys any other way. Apart from anything else, we couldn't afford it with all five of ours. We're also lucky that as Catholics we have excellent local schools that provide a wonderful Christian spirit to children in their formative years.

I'm happy to say that their schools are outstanding. That's not just us saying that, but OFSTED.

We were gutted that we couldn't get all the boys in the same school, but it's worked out well enough.

I was amused to read Toby Young in the Spectator today on this subject, London schools always terrified me, but the ugly culture of vanity and greed that seems to be promoted in private schools just sounds vile.

And while I'm on, St Mary's has a new website, done to a great standard by Clare and Stuart Manley, from IF Consulting, who also do this site for Marple Athletic.

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