Thursday, February 07, 2008

Premiership abroad

I had to double check the date on this wasn't the 1st of April.

It's an absurd suggestion to play Premiership games abroad. Absolutely bonkers.


Lee said...

It seems a perfectly logical idea to me.

The overseas market will love it, the clubs will make millions, and when I say millions I am talking Champions League figures here.

Fans who want to go to exotic place to see their team play will be able to.

Those that don't can watch the games live on TV.

Teams will use it as a mid-season warm-weather training break with an important match involved too.

The only problem I have with the whole idea is that this '39th game' will count towards the league.

It doesn't seem fair to me that Rovers would have to play erm Newcastle in Melbourne, whilst Everton play erm Middlesbrough in New York, as it means some teams travel seven hours, whilst others would travel 24.

I'm sure the Premier League head honchos will work on a ten attractive fixtures as a Fulham v Bolton match isn't going to pull in the Shanghai crowds is it now?

But as for destroying the English game? Don't be daft, thats just typical jingoistic knee-jerk reactions.

Michael Taylor said...

Sorry, I'm with Andy Coyne who emailed to say:

"If they go ahead with this premiership abroad, spreading the brand shit I think that might be the last straw for me. What a load of bollocks."