Friday, February 29, 2008

Ten thoughts on an evening with Sven

I went to the Palace Hotel on Wednesday for an evening with Sven Goran Eriksson. It was organised by Front Row Events, who do a lot of this sort of thing.

First off, you don't expect a varcious namedropper like me to neglect to mention that I was sat with Kevin Moran. What a top bloke. I'm sure he has United fans telling him tales of the Big Ron days, but I was in full flow swapping tales about his years at Rovers - the best years of my football supporting life.

He's now a football agent, but says he's a very fair one. Not one of the bad apples.

The auctioneer, John Virgo, was pissed.

The comic, Jason Manford, who I have worked with before, was excellent.

I'm not being funny, but some of this sporting memorablia at these sorts of events is rubbish. And I'm mindful of this.

Sven says Thaksin wants the stadium full every week and he may have more money to spend to do that.

He's going to sign an iconic superstar if he can. Why not Mark Owen. That'll get them in. I shake my head with bemusement at this kind of gimmickry.

Of the England players who he managed he reckons the two who would make the best managers are Gareth Southgate and Frank Lampard. I can't see it myself. Lampard's a spoilt brat. Southgate lacks steel.

He can't understand the tabloid fascination with his private life. He recently got papped in the Daily Star with a "mystery blonde" who turned out to be his daughter.

He doesn't blame the WAGs and their media circus for England's dismal showing in the World Cup. Must have been the manager then....


Lee said...

Did the esteemed Mr. Moran happen mention that he represents a certain Mr. Steven Reid?

Michael Taylor said...

Yes, he did. Reidy is doing well, getting more games under his belt and playing deeper than he's used to but all the Formation agents are happy at Rovers (Emerton, Reid, Brad and Santa Cruz).