Friday, February 15, 2008

Ten thoughts on ten blogs I like and why

Blogging takes some effort. There are plenty who have dipped in and ducked out in the time I've been doing this. Some have stuck to their guns, others have tweaked. Here are my top ten.

Blog By Boz. Hilarious. The grumpy commuting cat is consistent and observant. I just hope he/she isn't on the Rose Hill train.

Ear I Am. Nigel Hughes has decided to concentrate on home life and steer clear of PR industry gossip. I think this is a shame. I think Nigel has something original and thoughtful to say about anything, but I can see why he wants to concentrate on immediate concerns. I will watch with interest.

Dougal. Another PR man, another lively blog. I love the consistent themes on Dougal Paver's regular rant.

Norm Blog. The original and still plenty to look at. Norman Geras opens a window on a much more intellligent and cerebral world than mine. I don't get half of it, but he always links very well too.

Harry's Place. Anything that baits lefty lunatics is a very good thing.

Kevin Roberts. A wonderful mind, it's like dipping into Monocle magazine, but better. People ask me if I was at school with Kevin. I wasn't. He has a daughter my age. Which is why he was expelled from school. Go figure it out.

Broody Years
. I'll be honest, I didn't think Laura Wolfe would stick at it, but fair play to her she's created a very warm and genuine diary of her life. And I'm intruiged to see how she'll make the transition from the IoD to the real world.

Richard Leese. I'm on record as not liking politicians, but I like SRL. His blog paints a detailed and stark picture of life at the top of Manchester Council, including all the boring bits.

Business Matters. Accountant from Kendal rails at the insanity of it all. Love it. Especially when he gets arsey with Quangos.

Dave Hill's Big Britain. I used to live near to Dave Hill in London and he's got loads of kids (like me). I couldn't put my kids through what he does, but his blog is lovely.

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Unknown said...

To be fair, I didn't think I'd be able to stick to it either! Thanks for including me in your list; what an honour - some great blogs in this list. Laura.