Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sit up and listen

Well I've never been to a business meeting quite like it. Rob Cotton, the chief executive of NCC Group certainly got my attention. He wanted to tell me how the threat of fraud is greater because people are complacent about the risk. To prove it he showed me a passport application, credit application, drivers licence duplicate and a bank account application all completed perfectly for me with a frightening amount of personal information.

We've got a piece in North West Business Insider next month by the excellent David Conn on this subject. There have been no prosecutions of fraudsters from call centres in the North West. Does this therefore mean that none has ever taken place, that the systems are that good? What do you think? If a bank were to prosecute, and therefore admit this was happening, on the scale it is happening, then there would be queues to close accounts longer than the ones outside Northern Wreck last year.

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