Sunday, February 17, 2008

Boxing clever

Driving to work last week past this bloke's house, the same bloke then popped up on the radio with this. How spooky was that?

The subject was feral youth and the bloke, if you can't be arsed with linking, is Ricky Hatton. He is calling for tougher sentences, bobbies on the beat and more things for kids to do. I agree about sentences for violent attacks. Three strikes and you're out. The recent spate of knifings and mob kickings are stomach churning. "A" level sociology tells you it's the fear of crime, not the threat of crime that is the real social trend. I don't buy that any more. Gary Newlove's murder was all the more shocking because it was someone standing up to thuggery who paid the highest price. So were the stories about blokes getting a kicking that Ricky Hatton felt so moved by.

You see plenty of people standing up to scrotey behaviour around where we live, the website has a few tales, here. There's currently a spate of BNP graffitti, which one of the Rose Hill commuters has sought to have cleared up. Good. I genuinely don't think this is evidence of far right activity, just some scally with a marker pen trying to shock.

When you start looking the other way when bad things happen you are on the slippery slope. I'm proud to live in the kind of place where we don't.

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