Sunday, February 24, 2008

Extra vowels

One of our boys - Matt - has a very charming habit of inserting extra vowels into words that already have plenty.


"How are you, Matt?"

"Fi-ya-en, Dad, is there any more foo ad?"

Do you get that? He's fine, but he wants some more food. The extra vowel only gets inserted into words with plenty of them anyway. He wouldn't do this in quite long phrases or words like "Sponge Bob Square Pants lives in Bikini Bottom".

All told it's not a bad way of evolving the language.

I think we're also creating our own regional hybrid accent. Part Marple - part Nelson. One of
the characteristics of a Nelson accent - which I fell in love with, by the way - is, for example, school rhymes with Noel. Mummy, funny and tummy are pronounced "mummeh, funneh, and tummeh".

Hopefully we can bring together the best of both.

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