Friday, February 08, 2008

Ten thoughts on - always looking on the bright side of life

The news this week has made me cross, but actually, as an optimist even the bad news has a silver lining. Here are the top angst creating, from the top, with reasons to be cheerful.

Rowan Williams and his ill-thought out notions on Sharia law. Stupid. But everyone has said so.

The Premiership playing games abroad. Idiotic, but everyone has said so.

Manchester getting shafted over the super casino. This government has really done sod all for Manchester. This is another act of political cowardice from Gordon Brown. I liked Gordo's idea for an alternative use for the Super Casino site. Made me smile anyway.

The constant digging up of Marple Bridge and Compstall to start again next week with gas repairs. But at least it's half term, and the roads will be a bit quieter.

England's nervous performance against the Swiss. Hey, but they passed it, and Bentley played well. Who needs the other DB7 now?

Joe's Marple Athletic team lost at Oldham Athletic's centre of excellence last night, a brief report is here. But they gave a great account of themselves against some of the best junior footballers in Manchester.

Digby Jones getting into bother for saying what he thinks as a government minister. Keep it up Diggers.

There's nothing bad about last night's episode of Ashes to Ashes on BBC1. The return of Gene Hunt, the greatest TV character ever (probably not, but you name one better on a Friday at 5.17).

Or the possibility of a McCain v Obama election in November.

And I'm definitely happy that we're going out to Basmati in Marple Bridge for a curry tonight with Nic and Dom. Pip pip, have a good one.

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