Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Violent Blackburn

Thanks to Steven Lindsay for passing on this latest news item following our "roughing up" of Arsenal last Sunday.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger today issued a further attack on Blackburn Rovers by hitting out at the "violent" shot from David Dunn which gave Blackburn an equaliser in the second half. Wenger said: "It was a disgraceful act of violence which could have damaged Jens Lehmann's fingernails."The Arsenal manager said: "Instead of Dunn passing the ball gently to Lehmann, he chose to hit a long-range violent shot which upset my goalkeeper for the rest of the match. I think Blackburn's violence is totally inexcusable. David Dunn didn't care about Lehmann's feelings when he struck the ball violently. It could have hit Lehmann on the face. It could have wounded him. Blackburn are a disgraceful violent team."The Arsenal manager was also unhappy with the handshake from Mark Hughes at the end of the match. Wenger said: "Hughes gripped my hand a little bit too tightly at the end. I thought it was another act of violence," said the limp-wristed Frenchman.

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