Friday, August 10, 2007

Paul Weller in Uncut (and a Ray Winstone tale)

Thoroughly enjoyed the Paul Weller retrospective in this month's Uncut magazine. They ask 30 people (celebs) for their fave tune penned by the Modfather.

Predictably the top 3 songs were from The Jam: Going Underground, Town Called Malice and That's Entertainment.

Best comment on Weller was from cockernee actor Ray Winstone, who chose Little Boy Soldiers, a great track from Setting Sons:

I sometimes think he should make movies, because he's got that great aspect to his work. He paints a picture. Paul's a lovely geezer too. No airs and graces. Most pop stars these days sell five records and think they're Jack the Biscuit. Paul's the opposite of that.

I've never met Paul Weller, but I met Ray Winstone once. I was getting into some grief at the Groucho Club (I know, I know) and some poncey drugged up Nathan Barley was calling me a northern scummer. I can't fight, I'm not hard at all but I tried my best stare. Mysteriously, it worked and he backed off but stumbled over a carelessly placed foot. Next thing Barley's on the floor and his glasses are across his face and someone's pint is all over him. The owner of the misplaced foot removed his shoe from the sprawling Barley, winking at me as he did so. Dusting himself down, Ray Winstone, for it was he, promptly ordered a fresh round for all concerned while Barley left to annoy someone else. We had a nice natter after that.

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