Friday, August 03, 2007

Send the Spice Girls to Baghdad

Very generously, the Spice Girls have offered fans the chance to put their city on the map, and on the list of places Spice Girls will be visiting on their upcoming world tour, all through the power of internet voting. Wouldn't it be great to send them off to entertain the beleaguered citizens of Baghdad?

God knows, the people of Iraq have had a bloody awful time of things lately. Okay, so they won the Asian football cup, but that would just pale into insignificance compared with a visit from the pop behemoth that is the Spice Girls, their live show and their 'crazy' antics.

So be nice to the Iraqis: vote by clicking here.

Just imagine how much fun Mel C, Geri, Emma, Mel B and especially Victoria would have playing in that historic city. When you vote for Baghdad, make sure the B is uppercase and, while you do have to input an email address, you can put in any old one (even, dare I suggest, a fake one) as you don't need to confirm it.

(From Holy Moly)

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