Saturday, August 18, 2007

Careless Santana - UPDATED

Have you seen the shiny new adverts for Setanta Sports? We were seduced anyway. We've had such a bad experience with the evil Sky and the witless cable that this seemed a good alternative. And the kids seemed keen on getting this new "Santana Sports". Oh dear. We are now trapped in a Kafka-esque customer services nightmare.

I ordered the service two weeks ago. The card arrived but the box didn't. When I rang they said my payment had been declined. On further explanation it was because the nice Scottish lad who took my payment had entered the wrong issue number. When were they thinking of telling me this? Anyway, it still hasn't arrived so I went to Comet, which is always good. I used to get Currys and Comet mixed up. Not now. Comet = yellow and black = good. Currys = red = rubbish.

So, in order that I waste a chunk of Saturday when I'm relatively chilled and keen on sitting on the sofa (and sore from golf) I bought a Thomson recorder today, which means I've got Sky Plus without the Sky. Cool.

But though digital TV is working fine, I can't get Setanta to work and I can't speak to a human being. I have a contradictory set of instructions on two pieces of paper. I am confused. They are taking my money but not my call. The phone number on the information instructions with the viewing card was wrong. They then tell me to register on-line. This fails.

Do you know what I think? They can't cope. They have hired young inexperienced people on low wages to answer the calls and they've given up. Their systems aren't robust enough to cope. It is such a missed opportunity and such a damn shame. Meanwhile, I have decided to put my feet up and wait and to get my frustration down on the blog to stop me sniping at the kids.

Update: 15:00 hours. Finally spoke to a human being (God bless her, she was lovely) who explained that I was entirely correct about the failure to cope. It's in meltdown. She talked me through the activation process and hopefully it will work.

Update: Sunday. The signal came on, as the lass explained, but froze just as Newcastle and Aston Villa was due to kick off. The signal then just died. Could I get through to customer services? Could I heck. Still can't. An absolute shower of shite. It might work now, haveing reset everything and started from scratch, but as they're off air I won't know. I notice that Martin Lewis - Money Saving Expert has a page on these clowns. I will not let this one go, I am appalled.

Update: Monday. I've been contacted by someone at Setanta. Just as well. They've taken loads of money off me and it still doesn't work. I'll take this offline for a while and see what happens. They've acknowledged they are swamped and are working hard at sorting it out.

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