Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's a wide open road

I've had a right palaver getting my new car. I enjoyed driving this German tank for a while, but am glad to have gone for something not so brutish.

I organised it through Ling's Cars, after a personal recommendation from my pal Ruth Shearn. Viewers of Dragon's Den may recall Ling's slightly chaotic but lovable pitch, which saw her turn down investment from Duncan Bannantyne. A link is here.

Anyway, we were on, then we were off, then we were back on again. The correspondence has been amusing, if a little bizarre. When it all went wrong, I thought she might be the flaky side of unconventional, but to be fair she sourced a new car as she said she would.

Here is her response to my sober thank you email once it was delivered yesterday:

That is great!! I'm so happy you have the car at last. Hope it's lovely.

Well, this took some doing, as well as giving you my build/delivery slot :) I am still waiting for MY car, ordered March :) Can you get me a little write up anywhere? I do my best to please and I have just gone past 600 customer letters on my website!

Let me know if you need anything. I'll send you a small survey letter soon. Go and drive it, hehehe! Where is the sunshine?????

So, yes, do check out Ling's cars. Here.



Audi soft top?? How are you going to fit all them kids in that??

You need a nice sensible Espace - and holidays in Tenby like me.


Michael Taylor said...

Kids are pretty much banned from it. That's why we've got Rachel's lovely shiny Citroen 7 seater bus. I can get two kids in the back of the A4, but only if they take their shoes off and don't bring in any sweets.