Friday, August 10, 2007

Ten thoughts on the Rovers this coming season

I went for a cup of tea and a chat with John Williams yesterday. He's the executive chairman of Blackburn Rovers Football Club, and therefore has quite an important role as a trustee over a very important part of my life.

Here are ten thoughts for a Friday on the coming season, partly based on our two hour chat (which was off the record), partly on what I think anyway.

* There is quality cover in all positions this season. We've got a decent squad.

* We let in too many goals last season. With Nelsen and Samba fit, we should be more solid. Who do you start with at full back? Warnock on one side, Oojer or Emerton on the other.

* Is centre midfield a weak spot? Tugay is still class, but one of Dunn, Savage and Reid isn't a bad midfield by any measure. Dunny has never looked fitter in all the years I've watched him.

* Outside of the big red teams and Chelsea you won't find a better wide pair than Gamst and Bentley. And isn't Gamst good in the air for a little fellah with a funny haircut.

* The transfer window closure can't come quick enough. Players could be sold for big money, but we're not selling. However, Chelsea's injury crisis makes the chance of a big money offer for Benni a danger. The chairman's phone didn't ring too often in the meeting. A good sign.

* It's a good selection headache to have five quality strikers. First choice on Saturday will probably be McCarthy and Roberts.

* We make hardly anything from the UEFA Cup. But it's about the glory, and hopefully this year, the trips away.

* The cut price season ticket deal has worked. We're up on last year, but crowds could still be better. We're certainly getting 7 for our tribe.

* The club shop is rubbish. I wanted to buy loads of stuff for the boys but couldn't even get this season's new kit, or last season's DVD in the shop, I had to buy it in the ticket office (???). I might start an unofficial merchandise business seeing as Rovers have given up. Simon Garner t-shirts, anyone?

* There is no progress on the sale of the club. There are various interested parties, but there is no active due diligence process underway.

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