Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Curtis Warren to buy Everton

Here's a question for any football fans out there, that I bottled out of posing in Insider magazine's latest issue on football finance.

Everton are looking for a new rich backer. What if Curtis Warren offered to buy the club.

What would the reaction be?

a) Would he be opposed tooth and nail as an unfit custodian of the People's Club?

Or, b), would he be welcomed with open arms, including words like, "at least he's a local lad, not like them Yanks that have bought the red shite"?

Or, possibly, c), grilled at length to see whether he actually had enough money, whaever the source, to buy Leighton Baines and Alan Smith.

I don't pick on Everton for any other reason than they are desperate for a buyer. See Dougal Paver's blog for good comments on this, here.

But also see the craven acceptance of Thaksin's purchase of Manchester City from their supporters. I had a look on the 606 message board and just found the most moronic abuse heaped on the BBC for daring to have a go at "Frank" Shinawatra (Sinatra, geddit?). Have a look for yourself, I couldn't find anything I could even stomach putting on here. Link is here.

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