Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Having a go

Outside the shops, drunk on cider and pumped up with bravado the young skinhead (14, but looked older) asked the woman for a fag, not without charm. She smiled, it'll stunt your growth, she said. One of his five mates, a punk, even drunker (maybe on glue) and with greater delusions of his own charm and bravado told the woman to fuck off. You slag.
The woman's husband, inside the house, putting the kids to bed, heard this. He wasn't happy. He went outside. The gobby one ran off with the others shouting back. The skinhead laughed. Wallop. He hit the ground. He was threatened with a good kicking.
The kids inside cowered, partly with embarrassment. It's us who'll get bullied now.
They didn't though, and they never gave that woman any more abuse.

The woman? My Mum. The man? My Dad.

I tell you what, I wouldn't fancy doing that now.

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