Monday, June 16, 2008

Wilson footage unearthed

Previously unseen video footage of the late Manchester icon and music impresario Anthony H Wilson has been unearthed at The University of Manchester.

The video, which shows the former record label boss and journalist in forthright and animated mood, was shot in 1998 as part of celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of the birth of ‘The Baby’ – the first computer capable of storing a program.

You can see the full interview where Wilson claims digital music in pop music started with his band New Order, which is true, obviously. Remember, when faced with the choice of the truth, or legend, always pick the legend.

At one point in the entertaining and illuminating clip, he breaks off to take a phone call on a large mobile phone. He goes on to argue that the Baby was THE first computer – and dismisses the views of “fussing” academics as “b*ll*cks”.

The footage came to light while Web designers at The University of Manchester were building the official web site for Digital 60 Day, which will take place on this Friday.

(Hat tip: Alex Waddington, University of Manchester)

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