Saturday, June 28, 2008

Eco Superheroes

To the Bridgewater Hall for the North West Business Environment Awards. It's a slightly odd event as they get a square like me to introduce an award for the ecological wing of the business community and it starts with a discussion with a selected panel.

The event had a super hero theme running through it, which seemed to work well. Winner of the top award was Joe Dwek, a real class act who I interviewed last year. He has it spot on with the environment - the science might be wrong, but we have nothing to lose by being creative with waste, energy use and innovation.

The organiser, Walter Menzies, had called me during the day to avoid any mention of the congestion charge because he knows me and Joe aren't with the rest of the worthies on this one. Obviously we ignored him and obviously a quick show of hands showed we're in a minority in this kind of company though not the rest of Greater Manchester.

The judges may have been fulsome in their praise for Joe and his tireless work on the NWDA board for pushing green issues and for cleaning up the River Mersey through his work with the Mersey Basin Campaign, but they clearly haven't been with him in his office when he lights up these massive carbon emitting cigars, but then they are Cuban.

As the event is quite odd, I ended proceedings by reading the guests a bedtime story. It was this one.

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