Monday, June 09, 2008

The haughty forty

Apart from the specious one from me, there have been 40 applications for the vacant manager's job at Blackburn Rovers.

The Sunday People's Alan Nixon - who has been lurking on the BRFC Supporters Messageboard tantalising bored call centre workers with hints about who it might be - went to press on Sunday with the news that Alan Shearer is going to talk to John Williams about the job.

To be fair, he writes with much less certainty than the Daily Mirror, which reported that Paul Ince is to be offered the job, or the Daily Mirror on a different day, which reported that Sam Alladyce has been given a three year contract.

We've also had Tony Parkes piping up that Shearer is the man for the job, but he needs an assistant to do all the work. Any suggestions, Tony?

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