Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Is Sam the man?

You have to be impressed with the quick feet of the Rovers board in lining up Sam Alladyce as a replacement for Mark Hughes, even before he's agreed to join Manchester City. I contacted a mate of Sam's tonight he confirmed it is looking likely that he is going to join Rovers. Sky News are reporting that The Wally With The Brolly fancies it. No thanks.

There is a reason for this haste. The club is still for sale, finishing 7th was good, but not good enough. Having no manager through the summer is not going to help build for the future.

Inevitably (some) Rovers fans are unhappy about this. I think Allardyce got Bolton to punch way above their weight. He's what we need.

As for Mark Hughes, I think he's barking mad to go to City. Richard Williams in the Graun today is very good on this. Link is here. Any visiting City supporters may also like to check out this blog which doesn't like Thaksin very much.

All of this sounds very plausible, of course. What none of it does is give me any clearer idea of how I can explain any of it to a couple of heartbroken small boys who can't see why anyone would want to desert the world's greatest football club.

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