Monday, June 02, 2008

Hughes, to Shearer

I've always known that Mark Hughes has helped Blackburn Rovers to over achieve. For a young manager who wants to compete at the top level it just isn't enough to finish 7th and to miss out on Europe. I've always been comfortable with the thought that he would win things for Rovers, setting up the Manchester United job for himself. I think he's had a benign board at Rovers. So benign in fact that they're prepared to let him talk to another Premier League Club while he's still got two years left on his contract. If he does join the mad house that is Manchester City, he will soon see what football has become - working for a human rights abusing dictator will be very different from answering to some kindly men in suits administering a dead man's estate.

It also really angers me that whenever Rovers get anywhere our best players and managers are auctioned off by the national press and the smug gits on Match of the Day.

But here's a thought. He bottled the Newcastle job, but he could do a job at Rovers. Alan Shearer for manager. He's been offered it before, now should be the time to give it a go.

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