Thursday, June 12, 2008

Soft as sugar

Right, back to reality. I no longer have to justify to anyone why I watched a programme as ridiculous as The Apprentice. I sped home from a job in Warrington last night to see the final episode. Why? What have I turned into?

The fact that Suralan hired Lee instead of Clare told me one thing: he's soft. In the previous episode Karren Brady said she'd give Clare a job if Suralan didn't. He knew she was the better apprentice and was more likely to be a success for him, but he chose the path of least resistance. He picked Lee because he thought Clare would be OK. If he didn't pick Lee then what might happen to the poor lad who was exposed on national TV for lying on his CV?

Remember too that he bottled it when he should have fired the good little Jewish boy who didn't know what kosher was.

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