Thursday, June 19, 2008

Manchester restaurants - ten more thoughts

A while back, here, I wrote about ten places to pop into for lunch that I hadn't been to yet. I've pretty much done it now, and here are my ten thoughts, topped up with one from Liverpool, and another observation on the worst plate of food I've had put in front of me in 8 years in Manchester.

Gastro's deli and food hall - it was pleasant enough, a bit dear for what it offered, but has closed down already. Oh dear.

I still haven't been to Katsouri's in Bury. I went to the one in Manchester a few weeks ago and though the food was good, the fried food in the deli made my clothes stink.

Ithaca - well loved by people like this. I thought the interior was tacky but the food was awesome, but expensive.

Grado - Excellent the first time, when I was with the owner, good when I was there a second time and the other owner was in. Very average when I went for a third time.

Vermilion - I went there for lunch and we were the only people there. The fresh and spicy Thai food was awesome though.

If there's a better Chinese banquet for 30 people than Yang Sing I've yet to eat it. Brilliant food, excellent service.

I've long held the view that there's little to seperate certain chain bars and fast food joints except for £50 for a family meal. On a recent outing in Manchester we opted for lunch at Harvey Nicols for me, Rachel and Elliot. Wonderful service, great kids meal for our little boy and ours was lovely too.

Restaurant Bar and Grill used to be THE place for the business lunch. I went on Monday and it's still got something, but it isn't the Thai curry. I could do better myself and proved it to myself on Wednesday night.

Restaurant Bar and Grill in Liverpool is a real goldfish bowl of Liverpool corporate and cultural life. John Barnes was in! And the food is very good too. I had a haddock risotto which was creamy, fresh and delicious, in stark contrast to...

Room. I had a haddock kedgiree. It was basically Bachelors Pot Rice with a
chip shop piece of fried battered haddock on top. Ghastly. The worst meal in living memory.

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