Thursday, June 12, 2008

Was never going to happen

What was it that first attracted Blackburn Rovers fans to the idea of Alan Shearer being manager? He was our greatest ever player? He might make a good manager one day? The prospect of Mike Newell pitching up alongside him? The return of Tim Flowers as goalkeeping coach?

All of the above, but more than anything it was a desire of the heart, not of the head. I know, I'm guilty as charged. But when you look at the evidence, he's a coward. He's too comfortable and doesn't have the hunger he had as a player. He's happy on the Match of the Day sofa trotting out his boring opinions with those other smug gits Lineker, Lawro and Hansen.

And do you know what? One day people will stop talking about him becoming a manager. He'll stop popping up on shortlists in the tabloids and there'll be a new generation of successful players keen for a slot on the sofa. And where will that leave him and the rest the smug squad? A bunch of has beens wondering what might have been.

Not bitter or anything. Oh no. Here's bitter: Simon Hattenstone on Manchester City.

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