Thursday, March 20, 2008

Witch burning

Usually when I see someone getting a kicking in the press, I tend to try and see their point of view. I think this is quite a natural human reaction that reflects our sense of fair play. The pendulum of public opinion seems to swing the other way quite quickly. Not so, however, with Heather Mills. There's this piece in the paper today which sums it all up very well.

And yet, for all that we can occasionally empathise with her unhappiness, her bitterness, her anger, Mills does make it difficult to stay resolutely on her side. As much as we feel sorry for what was clearly a tough childhood, the lies that she has told - the tales of abuse which were apparently wildly exaggerated, for instance - warn us to hold back.

A link is here.

A copy of the judgement is here.

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