Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Center Parcs - ten thoughts on why we like it

As I'm on holiday - at Center Parcs, for the third time in just over a year - here's a list of why we keep coming back.

When we were walking from the Village to our lodge Matt said "hi Mrs" or "hi bigger boy" to everyone we passed. This could be seen as rude, or cheeky, but everyone smiled and replied. It's full of nice people.

The houses are well equipped with plenty of room for playing hide and seek.

The slides at the swimming pools are brilliant. The kids like them too.

There are plenty of open spaces at the backs of the houses for the kids to run around in and create games with their own imaginations.

There are lots of sports pitches that are hardly used, which the boys like to play their own style of football on.

We haven't actually booked any activities this time, but we don't feel we've missed out. There's still loads to do. And you feel somehow that you've beaten the system a bit by not falling for it.

The bikes are brilliant. They're all learning really well. There are a few too many vehicles on the roads around, but it's safe enough.

The shops aren't a rip off, they're actually quite good.

Even the fast food restaurant is better than the average level of crap. But we eat in, mostly.

I've seen two people we know, one of these guys, and one of the Dads from St Mary's. Nice surprises.

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