Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where in the world?

I've been at the MIPIM event in Cannes today. We held a successful event at the Martinez Hotel on investment strategies for English regional cities. It was more exciting than it sounds, actually.

I caught up with a few people in the exhibition itself and took time to look at what so-called rival cities from around Europe were punting. Manchester now doesn't sell anything, just the brand and lots of Hacienda style yellow and black.

After a while everywhere blurs into one. Can you guess which of these three is Manchester, which is Bologna and which is Munich?

XXXXXXXX offers productive localisation and is counted among the emerging cities for the next ten years by operators in the real estate industry. The territory offers opportunities for any requirement...with accessibility provided by a capillary infrastructure network.
Key business sectors: motors, electronics, agro-food.
Emerging sector: Creative industries

XXXXXXXX is cemented on the global stage as a top 10 European business location. The choice and affordability of property being a testament to the city region's unparalleled success.
Key business sectors: financial services, food and drink, aerospace
Emerging sector: Creative industries

XXXXXXXX is the silent star of the xxxxxxxxx economy. The region is known for
its industrial base, but 80 per cent of the population now work in service industries. There are close relationships with universities.
Key business sectors: motors, financial services.
Emerging sector: Creative industries

You can probably work it out, but you could equally say the same thing about each one.

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