Sunday, March 30, 2008

Luney tours

Had a nostalgic trip up the Lune Valley to meet the rest of the family for lunch on Friday. I had a few pals in villages like Caton and Brookhouse and we used to go to teenage discos in village halls right up to Hornby. Summer days were spent at river spots like the Dub and the Crook, which will probably be fenced off and considered too dangerous now.

When I was younger still my parents used to seek out beauty spots in places like Wray, Roeburndale, Littledale and sometimes deeper into the Forest of Bowland. We never knew where these places were and gave them our names like: the Rocky Place, the Pipe Place or just, the River. Fond memories.

I do also remember being spaced out on cider and magic mushrooms, aged 16, while this bloke waited to kick my head in outside Hornby Village Hall. I can't tell you what the row was about, but it certainly wasn't football related. He was a hairy biker then and had no interest in football at all.

I had a good potter round Kirkby Lonsdale and bought a few things for the kitchen. I doubt it has changed much in 30 years, but I never had much call for the kind of things such a gentle and slightly posh Northern market town has to offer.

We went for lunch at The Highwayman Inn, in Burrow-by-Burrow, which I've blogged on before. Another top quality feed for us all. The rib eye steak was divine. The Ploughman's was also full of flavour and consistently good. And for a bunch of frustratingly fussy eaters the boys cleared their plates. It's either the food was so good, or they were so hungry they'd have eaten straw.


Nick Morrell said...

I knew who was going to kick your head in before I even read who 'this bloke' was! I really doubt he's got any interest in football even now and will always be just a hairy biker to me.

George Dearsley said...

I once had to confront his dad Owen Oyston after OO had punched his wife at the end of a cheque presentation ceremony...wonder where young Oyston gets it from?

George Dearsley