Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Two Reviews

Two free newspapers called Review popped through the letterbox this week.

One is from the council and is understandably full of propaganda about the great work our elected councilors and appointed officials perform. Usefully, it has plenty of contact information for when you get fed up that your binmen have left some rubbish. Generally I find Stockport MBC too user-unfriendly. Apart from when we got married, most of the services (and servants of the public) are delivered with a shrug and a grunt. We may not be typical of people who need their help, as we just want our kids educated and our bin collected.

The other is a private enterprise called Marple Review. It may not be professionally put together, but it's got a warm feeling about it. It makes you feel that you're part of a community full of good people with great stories to tell. The writers have an instinct for human interest. The adverts cover the whole tapestry of life in Marple. I really feel this is the future for local printed media. The days of large newspaper groups enjoying 30 per cent profit margins by squeezing costs on weekly and daily papers are gone. Ultra local niche papers. linked to a hub of websites and community resources are the future.

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