Sunday, March 16, 2008

Boys and trees

The house seemed strangely quiet on Saturday morning. I couldn't see the boys anywhere. It turned out they had ventured into the woods at the bottom of our garden. This is out of bounds, and it involved climbing through our next door neighbour's garden. He is a very tolerant man, I salute you, Andy. They were all there looking for Joe in a game of hide and seek. He wasn't there, he was hiding up a tree in our garden. While I told them off for wandering, I was also very proud of such a spirit of adventure, even though Ellliot got a nasty scratch and they were all caked in soil. I don't want to make out like we're some kind of Walton family, but it's important for us to encourage as much outdoor wholesome fun as possible. There's plenty of time to hunch over acomputer when they're older, in the meantime, we don't have computer games and all that crap in our house.

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