Friday, March 28, 2008

Great night in Liverpool

I've had to abandon the family and come to Liverpool to host our Merseyside Property Gala Dinner. I am so pleased at how well it has gone. The venue - ACC Arena - was superb, with Paul Heathcote's catering team doing a great job. Joanne Jennings from the new Liverpool One shopping development spoke very well. Our comic turn for the night was Frankie Boyle. Really good. But then you can see here how good he is. The measure of any night is how many people are still there well after the bar has closed. Terrific.

I'm staying in the Premier Inn at Albert Dock. I tell you what, it feels like a boutique hotel. All that exposed brickwork, friendly service, large comfortable rooms and all at a sensible price.

A Mancunian and a Brummie were arguing about which was England's Second City. Brummie says his city has new a retail offer, is very multicultural and is bigger. The Manc says his city has Spinningfields, the Arena and Man United. They call this other bloke over - a Scouser - and ask for a second opinion on what is in fact the Second City. Easy, says the Scouse lad: It's London.

That was my opening gag. Seemed to go down well. Hat tip in the direction of David Partridge for that.

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