Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cheshire Life on Miss Marple

There's a piece from Cheshire Life magazine, here, about whether Agatha Christie's Miss Marple was actually inspired in any way by Marple. Ray King, the bloke what wrote it, comes to a fairly flimsy conclusion that she may have passed through on the train.

Flicking through the last issue of the region's most enormous magazine in a lawyer's reception last week - squeezed between the adverts for divorce lawyers, estate agents and picture spreads of middle aged ladies being pawed by men in tuxedos - there was a feature on Why You Should Move to Marple. The average age is going down apparently, more younger people are moving in and there's an expectation that facilities will improve. I have a visceral dislike of certain places in Cheshire that feature heavily in that magazine. Personally, I think I rather like Marple as it is.

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