Friday, November 09, 2007

Sir Alex Ferguson and his mind games

Preparing to face the enemy at Old Trafford on Sunday is always a daunting experience. I've never seen us win there but we're hoping that the full entourage of me, Rachel and the 5 boys will be some kind of good luck omen. We're going as the guests of Nigel Hughes, one of the best bloggers in the North West in my view, and a very generous chap too.

I went to a lunch at the Midland Hotel today where Sir Alex Ferguson was the guest speaker and the object of 21 years worth of pent up adoration from an audience of middle aged blokes. I kept staring at him and muttering " rest Ronaldo", "try one up front", "don't bother marking Bentley, let him roam". I think it might work.

When he was asked which ex-United players surprised him by going into management he said: "Sparky surprised me, because he was always so quiet." He stopped short of endorsing him as his successor. Players in the world he'd most like to sign? Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho. Not Bentley, or Pedersen, or McCarthy eh? Pah. Mind games.


Lee said...

Was "turn your ankle Rooney" one of your other utterings?

I'll wave to you from the press box :)

Michael Taylor said...

No, but it might have worked. We're going to be just above the Rovers fans in our lickle box.