Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The scarf my father wore

I was reminded at Stockport County on Saturday of one of the best songs sung by football supporters - "the scarf my father wore". It's sung to the tune of Orange anthem "The Sash" so has slightly dodgy overtones, but it is a masterpiece. I recall Cyril Ryder telling me about it at 2am in the morning in Rusholme in 2003, which then caused a row with some Irish women who assumed he was singing the original. Anyway, the full version is here. A sample is here:

It's forever being beautiful,
And the colour's white and blue!
I wore it proudly 'round my neck,
At Chesterfield & Crewe!
My father was a County fan,
Like me grandfather before.
And at Edgeley Park I love to wear,
The scarf me father wore!

Cracking stuff!

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J said...

County 👏👏👏 County 👏👏👏