Saturday, November 24, 2007

Irish eyes are smiling

Had a monster night last night at the Manchester Hilton and feeling the effects today. We went with Pat Loftus and his wife Paula to the annual Irish Abroad dinner. Pat is a great guy and knows how to put a good table together to make quality connections and how to make sure we all have a fun time. Had a great laugh with our other guests - Heejae Chae and his wife who hve moved from New York, Laoise Flanagan and her bloke Oliver and Neil and Tracy Rodford.

We go to a lot of corporate events and charity functions, but this was something special. Everyone was so considerate and generous. The atmosphere was wonderful and the entertainment was awesome - Ireland's top pianist Phil Coulter and a parade of awesome vocalists. Eamonn O'Neal was the host, has to be one of the most genuine blokes in the business. Love him to bits.

Pat bid for a holiday in the auction, Neil also chipped in for a Dubai holiday. I was outbid for Pele print. And Sir Alex Ferguson paid £5k for a Christmas tree adorned with Harold Riley pictures of angels.

A few of Neil's clients at Formation are Rovers players. Without breaching confidences, everything he had to say was good.

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