Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Marple diet

For the first time in my life I'm on a diet. Not any of these Atkins or F Plan diets, but a more concerted effort to keep on eye on the level of crap I put in my body. That said I've just had fish and chips for tea tonight (Goyt Fish Bar - best in Marple). We have cut out booze during the week. Frankly we feel better for it. I couldn't get through these winter days at work with a fuzzy head and the feeling of lethargy that a a shared bottle of wine can bring.

I've also cut down on tea and coffee, snacks and crisps, pop and sweets. Which has been tough. I've always used the excuse that a little of what you fancy can't hurt, but I'll see if I fancy something healthier like fruit.

I've also had a weigh-in with the lads in the sales team at work. They've got this competition going where the biggest percentage weight loss wins. I can't remember what I weigh, but unless I get more exercise, I'm just arresting a surge.

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