Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bin laden with secrets

Blimey, I'm quoted in the Stockport Express this morning as being "furious" about the new see through bin bags which are being trialled in Marple. A link to the story is here.

The story makes the point that there may be waste you don't want your neighbours to see.

I first mentioned it on this blog here.

My main problem isn't with recycling. I like doing it, I abhor waste. A positive campaign that encourages people to do something really good for the environment is worth so much more than unleashing another tier of weasels. Any snooping and regulating ends up getting the mild trangressors who are easy to pick on. I will comfortably predict here that this will lead to people being told off, then prosecuted, for leaving a baked bean tin in the waste. Not some scrotes who fly tip, or discard bag loads of McDonalds in Etherow car park.

I'm also slightly annoyed that Stockport Council don't collect plastic bottles. We take ours to the tip, but not everyone else can do that.

There's even more on all of this. If you go to this page, here, you can see the Manchester Evening News version of the same story. And an interview I did on Channel M has also been added to the blog, here.

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groovegenerator said...

You might be interested to read a reply to my rant on what Stockport don't collect as recycling from the kerb. This comes from the very helpful "Natalie" at Stockport Direct:

"I can confirm that a decision has been agreed to introduce plastic and cardboard doorstep collections along with wheelie bins within the borough of Stockport. This decision was made within the past couple of weeks and is likely to come in force in 2009."