Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back on the train gang

I had such a horrendous commute by car on Monday and Tuesday (I was heading for Preston on Monday, I was just lazy on Tuesday) that I had to try something new today. I got the 07.40 train from Rose Hill, which was fine. Rose Hill is good as it's the first station on the line, you can curl up with a book, the Metro, or listen to music. Marple can be crowded. I have seen people at Romiley fail to get on a train from Marple due to overcrowding.

Just as I was sitting down to my latest book, thinking that I hadn't had a Boz moment, otherwise known as a terrible experience of the human race that leaves one reeling with digust, I paid for my ticket with a £20 note. The notes the guard gave me back had been clasped in his mouth and were soaked with his spit. Yuck.

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