Monday, November 05, 2007

Lost dog in Hazel Grove

Marple Leaf reader Nancy from Hazel Grove has lost her dog.

"My little dog has been missing for three days, she escaped from our garden on Torkington Road, Hazel Grove on Friday night (think fireworks had something to do with it) and I am mounting a bit of a campaign to try find her. She is a well loved family pet, her name is Missy and that's the first word our baby Joe said - or rather it was "iieey".

"She could be miles away by now I know, so I am casting the net Stockport-wide.

"She is a gold and white shih tzu and she has a short hair cut at the moment (stop laughing). She has a red collar and a pink identity tag. Phone number to ring is 0773 696 5574."

UPDATE: 6/11/07
Just to let you know that Missy has been found and is in the hands of the High Peak dog warden. Now got to get over to Buxton to collect her. She was picked up on Strines Road - little mutt travelled a fair distance.

Thanks for ruining your blog for me ha ha!

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